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4pc Jigsaw Cube Puzzle

4pc Jigsaw Cube Puzzle

SKU: 125xx

Jigsaw Cube Puzzle – This puzzle looks to be simple and easy at first glance. BUT when the 4 pieces are dis-assembled and handed to you for re-assembly, you will be scratching your head to figure it out. You will get it, but it may take you a few minutes. Difficult Level: Scale 1-10: 3. Recommended Age: 10 years or older. Caution for small parts that can be a choking hazard. Size: Approximate 3" x 3" x 3". The Wood: Various hard wood (e.g. Maple) with no finish or sealer. The wood is sanded smooth but may have small particles on the surface.

Shipping: This puzzle is shipped assembled to protect the jigsaw from potentially breakage. It is recommended to begin using the puzzle dis-assembled to not allow the person to see the hidden pattern for how it is to be put back together.

Instructions: The instructions are provided only showing the picture of the assembled puzzle. If the person needs a clue, then the instructions can be opened up future to show the full steps for completion.


*Items have NO finish or sealer on them. This is bare wood. Should the wood get wet, please wipe off and dry.


Color Variations: Every piece of natural wood has hidden beauty with variations in color, grain pattern and texture between items made with the same wood species. With different grain patterns and color variations no two similar wooden products will be exactly alike. This makes each wooden item a 'one of a kind' original work of art. Also note that image coloring and tints may vary due to differences in software and monitors. Unless an item is specifically listed as the product to be sent, the item you receive may not be identical to the image shown.

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    Shipping - Nature’s Wooden Treasures currently only ships to U.S. addresses. Items in stock normally ship within 4 - 6 days. Custom orders normally ship within 7 – 10 days. If a delay is anticipated, you will be contacted.

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