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Razor Handle - Gilette Mach 3

Razor Handle - Gilette Mach 3

SKU: 040xx

The Razor Blade Head is not included due to sanitary concerns.


  • Handle – Sleek, beautiful handle. Accessory for Mach3 razor blade. Metal accent pieces at top and bottom of handle. Clear finish provides luster and is water resistant*. Stand can be purchased separately. Pictured is Black Walnut wood with Gold plated metetal accent.  Additional wood selections and metal options are available. Contact me for sample colors if not familiar with wood tones or you desire suggestions or assistance.
  • Seperate option is the Stand.  Contact me for stand pricing and availability. 


*Items are water resistant but are not meant to stay in water. After each use, any water on the item should be wiped off and dried.

Color Variations: Every piece of natural wood has hidden beauty with variations in color, grain pattern and texture between items made with the same wood species. With different grain patterns and color variations no two similar wooden products will be exactly alike. This makes each wooden pen a 'one of a kind' original work of art. Also note that image coloring and tints may vary due to differences in software and monitors. Unless an item is specifically listed as the product to be sent, the item you receive may not be identical to the image shown.

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